Heart Upgrades

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Heart Upgrades are when the player earns a new heart container for their life bar. These can be earned either by clearing certain objectives in the story (such as defeating a boss), or by finding and collecting four Heart containers (called a Heart Orb). The number of currently collected partial pieces is displayed in the player's inventory.

There are a total of 20 hearts which can be unlocked, & unlocking them all will award the achievement Nutrient Fortified.


Treasure Chests

  • Chapter 1


There are two achievements which can be awarded by collecting Heart Upgrades.

Icon Name Description Visibility Missable Notes
Achievement Nutrient Fortified.jpg Nutrient Fortified Reach max hearts. Collect every heart upgrade available. There are a total of 20 hearts once all upgrades are unlocked.
Achievement A Person with Heart.jpg A Person with Heart Obtain a "heart" from the people of New Dam City. Hidden until unlocked heart upgrades available in chapter 3. These are unlocked by completing three side questlines - finding all Mimi's statues, each of Bud's trash can hiding places, and preparing Dwayne's fitness recipes.