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Currency in Eastward is gathered resources which can be exchanged to purchase items. There are a few types of key currency which can be collected.


Salt.png Salt is the primary currency in the game, acting as money for most items, upgrades and food. It can be found inside chests & dropped from enemies when they're killed. Some enemies, like salt bugs, drop salt each time they're struck - so hitting them multiple times can generate salt quickly.

Most merchants in the game exchange salt for goods, and when entering a merchant window the current amount of salt is displayed in the top right corner of the game window, beside a salt shaker icon.

Gear Parts

Gear Part.png Gear Parts are special currency required to purchase upgrades to weapons power & holding capacity. They're found infrequently in chests and after encounters, but provide essential upgrades and it's important to utilize them.

Advanced Gear Part.png Advanced Gear Parts are a higher value form of Gear Parts, used for higher level upgrades.

The number of Gear Parts, and Advanced Gear parts is displayed on the right side of the Backpack window.


Token.png Tokens can be found in chests, and purchased from some later game merchants. Each token can be exchanged for a Pixball at machines outside stores throughout the game. When interacting with a Pixball machine or a merchant the total pixball count will display.