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Pixball can be exchanged for Tokens at machines outside merchants throughout the game. Using a token will produce a capsule, with a random Pixball monster inside.

Each monster corresponds to an item, which can be used inside Earth Born. Every monster has a regular, and a recolored 'alternative' version which can be collected.

All pixballs aside from the final 5 can be collected from any machine using tokens from the beginning of the game. Playing through the main story will award the normal version of 'Fat Dragon'. The remaining 4 pixballs - 'Sea Dragon', 'Bone Dragon', 'Asure Dragon', and 'Pixel King' (as well as their alternate versions and the alt of 'Fat Dragon') - are added to token machines after beating Earth Born for the first time. The 'Pixel King' is the most rare and may require a number of tries to win.

Opening tresure chests will award approx 50 tokens, and in later game more can be bought for 25 salt each from the Token Exchange robot in Ester City.

Icon Pixball Name Description Item Detail Item Detail Description
Slime Pixball Icon.png
Slime You don't wanna know the type of stuff this guy's eaten.
Used up all the chips in the repair ship so I can finally take a break and work on Earth Born.
HP Potion Restores HP of all party members.
Mushroom Pixball Icon.png
Mushroom Legend has it you can find creatures like these in the Land of the Wind.
It's snowing now. And in the summer, too. Perhaps a result of the MIASMA?
Shop Refresh Changes the items in the shop.
Wild Boar Pixball Icon.png
Wild Boar A fierce but flavorful pig.
Prices surging lately. Might ride the rails outta here. But don't know where I'd go...
Sports Drink Temporarily increases party's movement speed.
Crystal Jaw Pixball Icon.png
Crystal Jaw Strong enough to chew rocks.
A strange group of old fogeys docked today. Call themselves pirates, but I kinda like them. They've been telling me all kinds of stories about the outside.
Stamina Fruit Temporarily boosts STA of all party members.
Mad Rat Pixball Icon.png
Mad Rat A fierce, nimble beast.
The shop has been overrun with rats lately. To the point where the cables are starting to suffer.
Magic Key Can open sealed locations on the map.
Dune Worm Pixball Icon.png
Dune Worm Its cute countenance has made it a target for bullies among the monsters.
Maybe I should go out for a walk. Lost the spark to create more monsters.
Agility Fruit Temporarily boosts AGI of all party members.
Goblin Pixball Icon.png
Goblin A greedy trickster that's not only cowardly but weak.
It's a miracle that it was even captured within a Pixball at all.
Mystery Fruit Mysterious fruit with unpredictable effects.
Googly Bat Pixball Icon.png
Googly Bat The very first Pixball.
Originally a prototype for a children's toy, it became so popular that it was added to the game.
Miracle Scale Revives all fallen party members.
Mummy Pixball Icon.png
Mummy Watch out for monsters in the sand.
There's some weird experiments going on in the Eternal Tower. Some even claim to have seen creatures wrapped in bandages.
Greed Gem Increases amount of gold received after the current battle.
Bat Vulture Pixball Icon.png
Bat Vulture A proud bird that won't eat anything that could potentially affect its color.
When I was a kid, everyone used to put flamingos outside their houses as decorations.
Crit Fruit Temporarily boosts CRIT of all party members.
Evil Mage Pixball Icon.png
Evil Mage An enigmatic fellow. looking at him makes you feel as though you're being sucked into a void.
Another city was swallowed by the MIASMA. Luckily, Ester City is safe.
Wisdom Fruit Temporarily boosts WIS of all party members.
Dark Knight Pixball Icon.png
Dark Knight The quiet, quiet guard of Demon King City, he's unable to understand the language of monsters.
Working at the repair shop is nothing but a monotonous slog. My only joy comes in creating these monsters.
Strength Fruit Temporarily boosts STR of all party members.
Demon King Pixball Icon.png
Demon King The Demon King resides on high in his castle, just like that Solomon.
There's been more and more MIASMA lately. Can't help but think even Ester City's not safe anymore.
AP Potion Restores 2 AP to all party members.
Venom Bane Pixball Icon.png
Venom Bane The brains of the Demon King and the leader of the Four Generals.
The Four Generals carry energy crystals that are the key to saving the princess.
Coupon Reduces the price of all items in the shop today.
True Demon King Pixball Icon.png
True Demon King The Demon King's final form.
The experiment starts tomorrow.
Luckily with a bit of crunch, I was able to finish this game first.
Stun Grenade Stuns all enemies.
Fat Dragon Pixball Icon.png
Fat Dragon A voracious dragon occupying a desolate peak, he consumes everything he sees.
Through I didn't have any plans to make a sequel, I did release an expansion pack to appease players.
Sea Dragon Pixball Icon.png
Sea Dragon The young dragon from the swamp is wise beyond its years.
Greater dangers will net you greater rewards.
Bone Dragon Pixball Icon.png
Bone Dragon A giant, ancient dragon buried beneath the sand at the farthest reaches of the desert.
A new Pixball for you to take on greater dangers.
Azure Dragon Pixball Icon.png
Azure Dragon This elusory being is the ancient guardian of the snowy mountain.
The rarer the Pixball, the better the results.
Pixel King Pixball Icon.png
Pixel King The ultimate Pixball. So powerful, it can turn the tide of battle in an instant.
I got the idea for this one from the gulls down at the harbor. May it fly far, far away from this cursed city...where I couldn't.
Healing Scale All damage taken in the current turn transformed into HP.


There are three Pixball related achievements which can be unlocked by collecting.

Icon Name Description Missable Notes
Achievement Pixball Newbie.jpg Pixball Newbie Obtain a Pixball. Unmissable Unlocked by completing the story
Achievement Pixball Collector.jpg Pixball Collector Collect at least 1 of every type of Pixball. Missable Collect all 20 Pixball monsters. 15 can be collected by chance anytime from token machines, Fat Dragon is awarded in the story, and Sea Dragon, Bone Dragon, Azure Dragon, and Pixel King will only appear in machines after beating Earth Born for the first time.
Achievement Pixball Master.jpg Pixball Master Collect every single Pixball. Missable Collect all Pixball monsters and their alternate skins. 30 can be collected by chance anytime from token machines, Fat Dragon is awarded in the story, and Sea Dragon, Bone Dragon, Azure Dragon, and Pixel King (and their/Fat Dragon's alternate forms) will only appear in machines after beating Earth Born for the first time.