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Solomon Early Art.png
Favorite Food: Food Rations
Likes: World Destruction, Dancing
Dislikes: Not Being in the Spotlight
“Yes... yes... enjoy yourselves now, fools...

The day of the harvest nears...”

While he may look like a punky little kid, Solomon is rumored to be a ‘Destroyer’ - one of those who first brought death to humanity. Throughout Sam and John’s journey, Solomon’s strength and threat becomes more apparent, until his menacing presence becomes unavoidable...

Throughout the game Sam and John will encounter different versions of Solomon, which are different ages. They are all clones, made by the original Solomon who is the oldest & found on the Island Of Time. Young Solomon thinks he's smarter and better than the Solomon in Monkollywood.

Many of the bosses encountered throughout the game are created and piloted by Solomon, including 'Fist of Courage', 'Panzer of Power', and the 'Eye of Wisdom'.