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The ingredients inventory menu in-game.

Ingredients are a category of item which can be purchased from merchants or found in the world. At cooking stations players can combine ingredients to produce different cooked dishes.

There is a separate inventory tab for ingredients, and they don't take up space in the players main inventory. The player can carry up to 9 of each specific ingredient.


Icon Ingredient Name Description Price Type Locations
Cheese Thick and creamy and oh-so-good. Dairy and Eggs.png Dairy and Eggs
Milk From a milk producing animal, but you don't know which one. Dairy and Eggs.png Dairy and Eggs
Egg A nice egg for this trying time. Dairy and Eggs.png Dairy and Eggs
Tofu Though unmemorable on its own, it can up the ante on any dish. Dairy and Eggs.png Dairy and Eggs
Ham Curing makes everything better. Meat.png Meat
Pork Belly.png
Pork Belly Meat-to-fat ratio perfection. Meat.png Meat
Chicken Buck buck buck-CAW! Meat.png Meat
Ribs Can't be used to create a woman. Meat.png Meat
Clam You can use the shell as an accessory after eating it. Seafood.png Seafood
Octopus Some people say octopuses can predict the future. Others just eat them. Seafood.png Seafood
Lobster Used to be an expensive luxury, but now that you can find them everywhere, their price has plummeted. Seafood.png Seafood
Crab Spend thirty minutes cracking shells for one bite of meat. Seafood.png Seafood
Fish New Dam City's most common ingredient. Basic but good. Seafood.png Seafood
Carrot The orange jewel of the earth. Great for giving your skin that orange sheen. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Daikon Legend has it, the daikon are carrots that a vampire rabbit sucked the color out of. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Lettuce Though surprisingly expensive, it makes a great salad. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Mushroom Watch out for the poisonous ones. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Tomato Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? We'll never know. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Pumpkin Sweet and delicious, pumpkins make the best pies, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Eggplant Did you know eggplants used to be white? Vegetable.png Vegetable
Onion One of THE most essential cooking ingredients. Gives your dish that necessary kick. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Potato You can boil them, mash them, or even stick them in a stew. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Napa Cabbage.png
Napa Cabbage The perfect accompaniment to every dish. Vegetable.png Vegetable
Sandrupe Potcrock Isle's famous fruit. Started out as an apple that evolved in Potcrock's unique soil. Fruit.png Fruit
Apple You are the apple of my eye. Fruit.png Fruit
Cherry Cherry-pickin' good. Fruit.png Fruit
Lemon Sour enough to knock your socks off. Fruit.png Fruit
Pineapple Makes any dish radiant with the essence of summer. Fruit.png Fruit
Steam Peppercorn.png
Steam Peppercorn Phenomenal cosmic spice. Itty bitty kernel. Crack to release steam. Spice.png Spice
Lava Candy.png
Lava Candy Sweet, sweet, SWEET! Melt to create your own miniature volcano. Spice.png Spice
Fire Mint.png
Fire Mint So hot, they're cool. Blow blue fire with these spicy leaves. Spice.png Spice
Electric Chili Sauce.png
Electric Chili Sauce Surprisingly hectic! Feel the heat through your every pore. Spice.png Spice


Icon Name Description Missable Notes
Achievement Human Refrigerator.jpg Human Refrigerator Collect every ingredient in the game. Missable Collect or purchase every ingredient in the game. A number of ingredients can be missed if not purchased in earlier chapters.