"Friends of Johnny" Card

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"Friends of Johnny" Card
"Friends of Johnny" Card.png
Card for frequent customers of Johnny's Emporium. Offers discounts across all Johnny's Emporium branches.
Category: Quest Items
Source: Treasures
Location: Old Dam City

"Friends of Johnny Card" is a quest item which can be found in a treasure chest in Oldtown inside a room. If it's missed being collected in chapter 3, 4, or 5 it can't be collected later.

After collecting it offers a discount across all Johnny's Emporium branches.

Treasure Location

The chest containing the card is found at the location in Oldtown below, which can be reached after getting the Scepter of Flame to burn the plants, then walk left and down to reach the room with the treasure.

Treasure location in the world
Treasure location on the map