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Alva Early Art.png
Favorite Food: Curry
Likes: Isabel, Inventions
Dislikes: Gambling, Smoking
Relationships: Isabel (Partner)
“Machines are as alive as you and me, you know?

You just need to... treat them gently.”

Alva is New Dam City’s princess and nerd technician. She gave up a life of luxury and riches in pursuit of her passion in creating inventions to help others. She runs a lab alongside her ranger girlfriend Isabel, where she spends her time tinkering with a rocket. She’s lively, smart and adored by all.

Alva's grandfather helped rescue residents of New Dam City by moving them from the path of the MIASMA, and invested the Buddha Fan to keep the city safe from it. Alva "borrows" the home she and Isabel share from her grandfather as well, which she calls the Rocket Mansion.